Monday, 14 November 2011

Part of Human Body-Ears

Ears also is one of the human's sensory organ. Ears allow people to hear sounds. The ears will collect the various sounds from the environment. After that, the ears will transmit those sounds to our brains.

Beside collecting the sounds, ears also act as a function of help human beings to maintain the body's balance.    

Topic 2: Understand the parts and functions of human body----Eyes

Eyes----are one of the part in human body.It is one out of five of our sensory organ.  

It enables us to see around the things that surrounding us. If we close our eyes, we are unable to see anything that surrounding us.

While, although our eyes enable us to see the things around us clearly, if we didn't take care our eyes well, this may caused that we will have a short sight that caused us cannot see the things around us clearly by needing the help of spectacles or contact lens to see the things clearly. 

In short, the eyes had play an important role for human beings as it help us to see the world around us clearly.