Friday, 28 October 2011

Living things vital functions and behavior

As we know, the things around us are either living things or non-living things. we can identify them into this two category based on their characteristics.

For living things, the vital functions of living things are breathe, eat and reproduce. While, the non-living things are do not breathe, do not eat and do not have the ability to reproduce.

Thus, when we want to identify the things around us into living things or non-living things, we may ask ourselves is that the things can breathe, need to eat and have the ability to reproduce. When the things are match and fulfill these characteristics, we can confirm that the things are living things.

Those characteristics are vital function that caused the living things to survive. Although these things can be classify as living things, they have different kinds of behavior. For example, the human beings, animals and plants which are living things have different kinds of behavior. The plants are unable to move from one place to another as human beings and animals do. However, they can move simple movement such as breathe, eat and reproduce.

As it can be concluded that the vital function are important in order to help the living things to survive. Moreover, the living things are behave differently.

The following video had giving explanation about the main characteristics of living things.