Saturday, 29 October 2011

The 7 Characteristics of Living Things

In order to differentiate the living things and non-living things, we can differentiate it based on the characteristics of living things.

Living things have 7 characteristics that the non-living things didn't have. The living things need to have these 7 characteristics is order to live.

The 7 characteristics that living things possess that are move, grow, eat, reproduce, breathe, excretion and sensitivity

All living things have movement. For example, animals and human beings which are living things are able to move from one place to another in order to conduct their daily activities. 

All living things are able to grow. For example, a baby will be grow up to be big like their parents. Animals also will grow up. 

Moreover, living things need eat to survive. They will obtain their food from their surroundings and environment. For example, the goat need to eat grass to survive. 

All living things also have the characteristics of reproduce.Example of reproduction of living things are dog and puppies and cat and kitten

Living things also need to breathe air that surrounding them in order to survive. For example, a man have to breathe air while he is running. 

Another characteristics of living things is excretion. All living things get rid of their waste. For example, when people and animals get foods, they will get rid of waste

Lastly, all living things have the characteristics of sensitivity. All living things are aware of their surroundings.For example, the human beings are able to see, smell, hear, taste and feel

While, some of the nonliving things also had the characteristics of living things. For example, the boat which is non-living things are able to move from one place to another.Although the boat can move, it cannot be classify as living things. 

Thus, it can be concluded that the living things must possess all of the 7 characteristics which are move, grow, eat, reproduce, breathe, excretion and sensitivity.