Thursday, 27 October 2011

Living and Non-Living things that around us

Living and Nonliving things are surrounding us. 

No matter is in the market, house, classroom, park, zoo and so on, the environment that surrounding us have a lot of things that are either living or non-living things. 

For example, in the park, there have many plants, flowers, bench and grass. while, in the market, the things that around us got clothes and fruits and vegetables. In the home, the things that around us has clock,door, windows, table, chairs, stairs and television.In the classroom, the things that surrounding us has board, chair, desk, ink, pen and bags. 

As it can be seen that no matter where we are, we are surrounding by a lot of things. While, all of these things are either living or non-living

Plants and animals are living things. while, all things other than plants and animals are non-living things. For example, cup, television, scissors, ball, fan and bulb. 

How we can identify and classify those things that are around us into living or non-living??? 
By understand the characteristics of the things around us, we may able to identify and classify those things into living and non-living things.  

The characteristics that differentiate the livings things from non-living things are the living things are able to move, while, non-living things cannot move by themselves but can be made mobile. Moreover, living things can be reproduce and growth in size. Living things such as human beings and animals need food, water and air to survive and live. For plant, it require sunlight to grow and need water to live.