Friday, 4 November 2011

Natural things and Man-made Things

As we have know using the 7 characteristics which are eat, breathe, movement, excretion, growth, sensitivity and reproduction to differentiate the living things and non-living things around us, we also need to considered some special situation. 

For example, we know that the flowers is living things as it need sunlight, water and air to grow and live. While, how about the flowers that are no need sunlight, water and air???

In addition, as we know the animals are living things. While, how about the animals which are made by wood or plastics or something else, is that they still can be consider as living things???

Actually, the things around us that can be classify as living things must have the 7 characteristics as mention before and must be alive. The animals which are alive are living things, which are made in wood or plastics or other things are non-living things as it cannot grow and move. Thus, it cannot be classify as living things

In conclusion, only the natural things which are having the 7 characteristics can be classify as living things. While, the things that are man-made cannot be classify as living things. For example, tiger alive are living things while tiger made in wood are non-living things. 

Let's see the video below to have a clear scenario.